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CES wants to initiate the start of a self-organised network at an euregional level. It is based on personal contacts and common passions. An open-source network with an emphasis on different urban themes.
The network will seek short corporations with different cultural and educational institutions, but will neither be initiated from nor facilitated by any. It will exist only by the commitment and effort of its members.
What will we do
With the character of a self-organizing community the physical activities or presence of the network can change according to the needs of that moment and the persons participating at that time. At can function as a simple forum for an exchange of knowledge and experience, as a shared library between the participants. It also can act as an active commentator on developments in our surrounding cities by organizing lectures, debates or presenting works in an exhibition.
All things are organized bottom-up and the network is open-ended, connecting known and less known teams/persons of different countries and professions together in a dynamic process of ever changing activities.
Selection of members
The network is organised in a peer-to-peer kind of way. The selection of new members is at the core subjective and is based on personal contacts, recommendations, and interaction between the members themselves. In this way the network expands through unexpected paths and does not depend on a centralized curator.
Members are not chosen according to a specific architectural “style”. Rather, the possibility to interact with and learn from the networks activities is the only given condition.
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